Robin Hood Show

Last Saturday we had been booked to perform at the Warwick movie theatre for the new Robin Hood movie starring Russell Crowe. Since the movie was released on the Thursday it was only a normal Saturday night movie session we were performing for.

Once we had all arrived and worked out where we were to perform (a small foyer area in front of the cinema showing the movie.) We set ourselves up to do some warm-up and basic fighting for the people waiting to go into the next movie session. Juanita and Andrew did rope duty while Paul spoke to the audience.

Damien, Stefan, James, Ken, Kevin, Frank and myself all took turns either fighting one on one or two against two as Paul talked about our armour, our fighting rules, the different fighting cultures, the different weapons and he also spoke about arrows and bows and the damage they could do. Kevin and Damien had brought their longbows and arrows as well so Paul had some props when speaking.

The audience was quite captivated with Paul’s lecture (including the gory bits about how sabres could cut through the flesh to the bone) and the fighting

Once the cinema was opened for the people to go in, we followed and went up the front of the theatre and did one final fight.

It was the 3 crusaders – Frank, Kevin and Stefan against the Saracens me, Damien, Ken and James. The floor sloped on one edge and it was quite dark but we managed to do a brutal fight to entertain the audience. My death scream echoed very well throughout the theatre.

After the performance the Usher asked if we wished to leave by the exit doors or by the normal entrance doors and we said “can we just stay here and watch the movie?” They were happy with that so we took off all our armour and sat down to watch the movie.

Which we all enjoyed.

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  1. Many complimentary comments were heard from the public as I wandered through both the waiting public and those leaving the earlier session. Some of those that were lining the passage way waiting to enter the cinema had no idea that the fighters were there and were rather startled by the clash of swords and shields, from time to time. One Gent told his wife that I was a statue, which lead to some laughter when I turned around. The manager and staff seemed pleased with the effect of our being there and I hope we will again be invited.

    Comment by Scaith — 21 May 2010 #

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