The Grey Company is a group based in Perth, Western Australia, which puts on displays of historical re-enactment focusing on the Dark Ages and Medieval times.

Most of our displays are centred on the so-called Dark Ages of European History (600-1100AD).

While our displays are primarily of weapons and combat, we are not a martial arts group, concentrating more on entertaining an audience than on the competitive use of weapons.

Some time periods/fighting styles we’re best at are:

15th C – Medieval Knights

Medieval Knights

Our 15th Century shows specialise in the War of the Roses when England was torn apart by a War of Succession, and we can perform in full plate armour or in our soft kit (particularly when the weather is hot).

 Mercenary Female warrior with Bardiche

More recently – here is Cheryl Mitting with her Brother Greg Robinson at the Perth Medieval Fayre 2014.

Dark Ages – Vikings, Celts, Saxons, Normans and Saracens

Dark Ages Fighting

The main focus of the club, we’ve been doing this for over 25 years and we’re still the best at it.  Sometimes the Vikings invade the Saxons, sometimes the wayward Celts stumble upon some venturing Normans, and sometimes they all gang up to travel south and beat up on some Saracens.

Regardless of the fight, it’s always impressive.


Swashbuckling Pirates

With some swashbuckling and “Ar me hearties!” we’ll take you back to days of cut-throats and dastardly devils, these shows are always popular with the kiddies.


Highland fighting with Jacobites and English

A favourite of the annual Highlands Fest in Armadale, WA every year, we love to don our kilts and round up our Jacobites to fight the English in this Scottish Celebration.


The Crusades - Templars and Saracens

A variation on our Dark Ages themes, we take a page from any of the 3 Major Crusades and march our Templar Knights et al across the deserts to fight Turks, Saracens and others for the vaunted ownership of Jerusalem.


Roman Gladiators

A sure-fire crowd favourite, this style of fighting and crowd interaction are perfectly geared towards Grey Company’s skills and a rollicking good time.  Help the vaunted Tribune Titus decide a gladiators fate and cheer on your favourite!

Apart from entertaining, we also try to educate members of the public about life as it really was in days long past. Where possible we are happy to arrange displays for schools where children have the opportunity to see and feel items which they would otherwise only learn about from books.

Most of the clothing, weapons and armour are made by members of the group. Finding out how to do this involves some of the members of the group in detailed research in areas of history, as well as the practical aspects of actually making items. To help with this we hold regular workshops primarily for the production of clothing and equipment including weapons and armour.

Contact us to find out more information about bookings.


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