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Fighting and non-fighting members

Members of the group fall into two broad categories. The largest category is the fighting members, who actually train and put on displays of their combat skills. Some members do not take part in combat and prefer to focus on non-combat activities like living History, arts and crafts.

Junior membership

All fighters using steel weapons must be over 18 years of age. Members 15 years of age and over are eligible to vote at group meetings and hold positions within the group administration.

Grey Company is a family friendly group but Junior members (under 18) need to be supervised at club events.

Members aged 10-15 are able to undertake training with padded weapons

and can work towards their Page award.  Members 16-18 may undertake training with padded weapons and other non-metal training weapons and can work towards their Squire award.  With Pages and Squires the members must have signed waivers with their parent’s permission.  Also, parent or authorised adult guardian participation is required for Page and Squire training.

Family Membership

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What’s better than fighting with your friends? Slaying with your family! Because we all know that family that slays together, stays together!

Family Membership includes 2 adult fighting members and 2 juniors. Additional juniors can be added at extra cost.

If you’re coming alone with your children (1 adult), the cost will be a fighter or non-fighter membership + additional children


The Grey Company is an Incorporated body, and has fees which must be paid per year to be a member.

Fees must be paid prior to commencing of any combat training.

2021 fees

Adult Fighter membership: $40

Adult non-fighter membership: $30

Family membership: $70

Additional junior in family membership: $15

Day membership: $4

All memberships expire in April and must be renewed yearly.


In order to be an Ordinary member, the applicant must complete a membership form and Waiver.


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Every membership gives the privilege to attend private and non-private events, such as mid-winter and mid-summer banquets, historical fairs and Sunday training sessions. Fighting membership includes insurances through the Australian Living History Federation.

I'm hooked, where do I sign?

Please contact us or visit us at Sunday training to discuss your membership.