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Clothing, Armor, and Weapons

Clothing, Armor, and Weapons

 Andy Goddard’s clothing information from the group “Circa 1265”, brought back to life by Martha Carlin

Legio XX

Legio XX - Handbook for Legionaries

Roman Legion Reenactment Handbook by Matthew R. Amt


Rosalie's Medieval Woman

History enthusiast

Vigdis Viking Clothes

Vigdis Viking clothes


Medieval and Renaissance

Material Culture

Þóra Sharptooth Viking resources

Þóra Sharptooth

Viking resources

RSN Stitch Bank

Royal School of Needlework

La Cotte Simple

La Cotte Simple

Late Medieval Fashion Redressed

The Turnip of Terror

Medieval Living History Resources




The Rose's Thimble

Historical reconstitution costume crafting (French)

Turkish Salwar

Pattern for Turkish Salwar, by SCA Kates